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Bahria Enclave Islamabad Price Ranges – Find Your Perfect Plot Today
Block/SectorPlot TypePlot SizeMinimum PriceMaximum PriceStatus
AResidential10 Marla1.75 Crore2.40 CroreDeveloped
AResidential1 Kanal3.10 Crore3.50 CroreDeveloped
B-1Residential5 Marla1.05 Crore1.15 CroreDeveloped
B-1Residential8 Marla1.35 Crore1.60 CroreDeveloped
B-2Residential10 Marla1.50 Crore1.90 CroreDeveloped
B-2Residential1 Kanal3.10 Crore3.50 CroreDeveloped
CResidential1 Kanal3.30 Crore3.50 CroreDeveloped
CResidential2 Kanal5.50 Crore6.50 CroreDeveloped
CResidential4 Kanal11.00 Crore11.50 CroreDeveloped
C-1Residential10 Marla1.70 Crore2.25 CroreDeveloped
C-1Residential10 Marla1.35 Crore1.60 CroreNon-Developed
C-1 ExtensionResidential10 Marla1.35 Crore1.55 CroreDeveloped
C-2Residential10 Marla1.60 Crore2.00 CroreDeveloped
C-2Residential1 Kanal3.25 Crore3.40 CroreDeveloped
C-3Residential10 Marla1.55 Crore1.85 CroreDeveloped
C-3Residential1 Kanal3.40 Crore3.60 CroreDeveloped
EResidential1 Kanal4.40 Crore4.60 CroreDeveloped
FResidential8 Marla1.25 Crore1.55 CroreDeveloped
FResidential10 Marla1.55 Crore1.75 CroreDeveloped
FResidential1 Kanal3.00 Crore3.30 CroreDeveloped
F-1Residential5 Marla75 Lac85 LacDeveloped
F-1Residential8 Marla90 Lac1.15 CroreDeveloped
F-1Residential10 Marla1.40 Crore1.65 CroreDeveloped
F-1Residential1 Kanal2.60 Crore2.90 CroreDeveloped
GResidential8 Marla1.25 Crore1.45 CroreDeveloped
GResidential10 Marla1.30 Crore1.40 CroreDeveloped
HResidential5 Marla85.00 Lacs1.05 LacsDeveloped
IResidential5 Marla75.00 Lacs85.00 LacsDeveloped
IResidential8 Marla1.15 Lacs1.30 LacsDeveloped
JResidential8 Marla1.10 Lacs1.35 CroreDeveloped
JResidential10 Marla1.45 Lacs1.75 CroreDeveloped
KResidential10 Marla1.10 Crore1.35 CroreNon-Developed
LResidential1 Kanal2.60 Crore2.80 CroreDeveloped
MResidential10 Marla1.35 Crore1.70 CroreDeveloped
MResidential1 Kanal2.40 Crore2.60 CroreDeveloped
NResidential5 Marla85.00 Lacs1.00 CroreDeveloped
NResidential5 Marla70.00 Lacs75.00 LacsSemi-Developed
NResidential8 Marla1.00 Crore1.15 CroreSemi-Developed
NResidential8 Marla1.20 Crore1.40 CroreDeveloped
NResidential10 Marla1.45 Crore1.75 CroreDeveloped
OResidential5 Marla48.00 Lacs70.00 LacsSemi-Developed
OResidential8 Marla65.00 Lacs90.00 LacsSemi-Developed
PResidential5 Marla70 Lacs80 LacsSemi-Developed
PResidential8 Marla85.00 Lacs1.00 CroreSemi-Developed
PResidential10 Marla1.05 Crore1.15 CroreNon-Developed
PResidential10 Marla1.20 Crore1.35 CroreDeveloped

Invest in your dream plot in Bahria Enclave Islamabad and build the home you’ve always desired!
Residential Plot Sizes and Price Ranges in Bahria Enclave, Islamabad – Find Your Perfect Plot Today

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