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PAKISTAN THE LARGEST EXPORTERS OF ORANGE known for its rich agriculture, and one of the most prominent crops produced in the country is oranges. Among the various varieties of oranges grown in Pakistan, the most popular is the Kino orange.
The Kino orange is a hybrid citrus fruit, which was developed in Pakistan in the 1940s by crossing two citrus cultivars, King and Willow Leaf. It is a seedless and easy-to-peel fruit, with a bright orange skin and juicy, sweet flesh. Kino oranges are typically in season from December to April and are mostly grown in the Punjab region of Pakistan.
PAKISTAN THE LARGEST EXPORTERS OF ORANGE is one of the top producers of oranges in the world, and the Kino orange accounts for a significant portion of the country’s total orange production. The fruit is not only popular in Pakistan but is also exported to several other countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
The orange industry in Pakistan provides employment to a large number of people, particularly in the rural areas where the fruit is grown. In recent years, the Pakistani government has taken several steps to support the growth of the orange industry, including providing subsidies to farmers and promoting the export of Kino oranges.
Overall, the orange of Pakistan, particularly the Kino orange, is an important and valuable crop for the country, providing both economic benefits and a delicious fruit for consumption.
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